Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Somebody loves me!

Well I don't know about you lot, but yesterday I got a valentines card!!
Hooray! I always knew I was lovely and brilliant and now it's true. It's my first ever and I shall treasure it always. At last someone recognises how handsome and witty I am, but it wasn't always this way, my mum often used to say to me, "You are no Brad Pitt, Derek", but now I am. And I bet Brad Pitt doesn't have any valentines cards this year seeing as he's single, unlike me.
What he would give to have a face like mine, eh?
Now all we have to do is find out who sent it! Lenny reckons it's that weird cow who was staring at me last week, apparently her name's Alice. She was staring at me because she thought I was a zombie!! I'm not going out with anyone who fancies zombies.
Cecil thinks it might be his short-sighted sister Emily who sort of likes me from a distance; but I don't even like bees, so that's a no-brainer already.
Oh the giddy excitement! I've never been in love before!

The evidence - but whose handwriting???


Stellar said...

I didn't get a card this year, Derek (hint, hint). I had an accident this morning. I saw another dog and ran at top speed towards him. Then he ran across my path and I went headlong into him. I saw stars for several minutes. He didn't say "sorry" either.

Love, Stellar xxx

(I am very good with woolly people, honestly)

Derek said...

That sounds like a funny accident! I wish I'd seen it, how I would have laughed!

Are you a dog then?? "I saw another dog and ran at top speed towards him".
He sounds rude, whoever it was, so I'd steer well away and stick with your woolly people, I reckon.

Thanks Stellar!

Stellar said...

Yes I am a dog, Derek. I hope I can be your friend.

Looking forward to reading your latest adventure in tomorrow's Beano.

Love, Stellar xxx

Derek said...

See, I knew it! Lenny always said I had psychic powers. You're not a sheepdog are you? Sheepdogs scare me. And poodles, I hope you're not a poodle.

Tomorrow's story is hilarious as usual, I hope you enjoy it!

Stellar said...

I am a retired greyhound. But I still go like the clappers. Ding ding! Bing bong!

Much love, Stellar xxx

Gertie said...

Well now I'm a fish. Mind if I join in? Big fan of yours Derek, just wish there were some fish on your farm. What did you think when that les Pretend dressed up as you a few issues back - that nose! I'd have been insulted!

Derek said...

Hello Gertie! Fish are welcome too. We do have fish on this farm in the river at the end of the field, but they're not very nice fish and tend to be horrible to me and call me stupid names. I'm sure they'll turn up in an adventure soon.
As for Les, I suppose he should take a few tips from me and Lenny, cos we're brilliant at dressing up!

Molyan said...

Any llamas out there?

Hey, Derek, perhaps Snowdrop the purple ballet dancing llama sent you that card!!

Derek said...

Let's hope!

Emz said...

I reckon it was lenny!

Derek said...

Nah! Lenny's a mate, he'd never do such a thing.
I definitely have a new girlfriend out there, I am sure of it.