Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Chicken fun

Well! At last me and Lenny have come up with a great plan. Lenny has been a brilliant mate as always, whilst all "ex-friends" are horrible and stare at me or shout nonsense like "Leave us alone you stupid Zombie!" and generally making my life a misery.
Lenny says, that even though I'm a strange zombie nowadays, he doesn't really mind and that I was a pretty weird anyway and smelt a bit funny when I wasn't a zombie.
Thanks Lenny.
Anyway, tomorrow night we're dressing up as chickens and we're going to hide in the chicken coop and we're going to find out who the real zombie is!!
Check the pic for our cool disguise. We've even started to talk like chickens to each other, to get into the right frame of mind for our mission. Lenny has even started eating chicken feed and trying to lay eggs, but that's taking things too far I think.

Look out zombies! Here we come! Ha ha har!!!


rysolag said...
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Emz said...

I think you make a cool chicken Derek. Have you ever thought of doing it professionaly?

Derek said...

I would if I could just get the hang of laying them eggs...