Sunday, February 20, 2005

No one loves me

Well that rascal Lenny has finally confessed; he sent the card.
Oh yes, my best mate thought it would be brilliant fun to have me think that someone would actually bother to send me a valentines card. Ho ho! What a laugh! I guess I was a fool to think it might actually be true, not that the list of potentials was particularly inspiring: a weird cow from the next field; a blind bee; some stupid goose and a couple of mad chickens.
Hardly the material to sweep you off your feet.
I'm much happier being single I've decided anyway. At least I can go home when I want, watch "Match of the Day" whenever I fancy and read my collection of Spider-man comics without feeling guilty. 'Cos when you've got a girlfriend you can't do none of that and you have to do all the ironing and washing up and mow the lawn. Well that's what Lenny says, although I don't know how he knows so much, no one would go near him and his bogey-face.


Gertie said...

For eight years Derek, I didn't get one Valentines Day card. My owner wished me well and all that but it wasn't the same. The other fish in my old tank which I outgrew used to send me his wishes as well, but I was far too old for his advances. This year tops it though. On Valentines Day, I died. So as you can imagine, I'm feeling a little bit bereft. Remember Derek-being single-is a CHOICE. Good for you I say!

Derek said...

So what, are you like a ghost fish then?

Gertie said...

That's the thing I don't get. I'm dead, yet I can type comments on the net. What on earth is up with THAT. I'm not dead, not alive....I'm a cartoon!