Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Winner!!!

We have a glorious winner in our "Christmas Derek Picture Competition"! And it is none other than Jordan Mooney!!! Congratulations!!!

Mrs Farmer Jack liked the use of colours and jolly expressive faces on each of the characters. I liked it, cos I look more handsome than normal.

One signed Beano 2007 Annual in the post for you old bean.

A special mention to someone called "Mad Nigel" (very familiar name that) for his nice pencil study of me and Santa:

Very nice hand-colouring in this one, although I don't look as good looking as in Jordan's pic. A special prize will be coming your way too!

Thank you to everyone who took part and don't forget to send in your Derek the Sheep poems!!

Thank you!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ANOTHER competition!

You lucky people. We really do love competitions round 'ere, so much so, we're running a SECOND one!!! This time it's a poem I'm after.

I want you to write a hilarious poem about me and my pals! It can be as long or as short as you want. It can be a limerick or a 50 page Shakespearean soliloquy (good luck with that one).

It's probably sailing a bit close to the wind for Christmas but get your entries in to me by December 31st and the best one (as judged by Mrs Farmer Jack) will get a signed/scribbled on copy of my new French book "Norbert Le Mouton"! How's that then? Up for it? I know it's in French, but it's got me jammed in there to the rafters. And what better way to learn French than to compare French speechbubbles with English one's.

The book's due out at the end of January/ beginning of February 2008.

Mrs Farmer Jack's opinion will be final!!!

I thank you.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Competition!!

Oh yes, we love competitions round 'ere. Especially me! and Lenny. We love playing "guess the weight" of the various animals around the farm. I'm normally quite brilliant at this, especially with the fatter specimens (no names mentioned). I actually got Rodney the bull spot on with 38 stone!! What a lump! I won a curly wurly. I rule.

Anyway! It's Christmas and I want a lovely festive drawing of me and/or my pals! Doesn't matter about the size (under 10mb though) and in jpeg format and the winner picked by Mrs. Farmer Jack will win a Beano Annual 2008 signed by the creator of Derek the Sheep!!! Cor!! How marvelous. Previous winners of such prizes will attest that such a thing is lovely and you get a few more scribbles and graffitti sprinkled throughout too!

In fact ALL entries will get a free sketch of me (hopefully it's not more than five or six entries otherwise that's alot of drawing!).

So make it nice 'n' festive 'n' colourful 'n' stupid. Entries by Sunday 16th December and winner announced Monday or tuesday evening. you should get your pressies in good time for the last xmas post!

Send entries to dereksheep@yahoo.co.uk

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything. Judges decision is final! (they always say that don't they?)

Thank you!