Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Winner!!!

We have a glorious winner in our "Christmas Derek Picture Competition"! And it is none other than Jordan Mooney!!! Congratulations!!!

Mrs Farmer Jack liked the use of colours and jolly expressive faces on each of the characters. I liked it, cos I look more handsome than normal.

One signed Beano 2007 Annual in the post for you old bean.

A special mention to someone called "Mad Nigel" (very familiar name that) for his nice pencil study of me and Santa:

Very nice hand-colouring in this one, although I don't look as good looking as in Jordan's pic. A special prize will be coming your way too!

Thank you to everyone who took part and don't forget to send in your Derek the Sheep poems!!

Thank you!!


Mooneyman said...


I've flippin' one!!! BLIMEY o.O

Mooneyman said...

Er...Won XD

Thank you very much, Derek, and Mrs. Farmer Jack!

Anonymous said...

Pigface: Mooney won a competition? He never told us o.o

Ratface: You can't be trusted near any sort of collectible.

Pigface: CAN SO!

Ratface: Can not.

Pigface >.>