Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Competition!!

Oh yes, we love competitions round 'ere. Especially me! and Lenny. We love playing "guess the weight" of the various animals around the farm. I'm normally quite brilliant at this, especially with the fatter specimens (no names mentioned). I actually got Rodney the bull spot on with 38 stone!! What a lump! I won a curly wurly. I rule.

Anyway! It's Christmas and I want a lovely festive drawing of me and/or my pals! Doesn't matter about the size (under 10mb though) and in jpeg format and the winner picked by Mrs. Farmer Jack will win a Beano Annual 2008 signed by the creator of Derek the Sheep!!! Cor!! How marvelous. Previous winners of such prizes will attest that such a thing is lovely and you get a few more scribbles and graffitti sprinkled throughout too!

In fact ALL entries will get a free sketch of me (hopefully it's not more than five or six entries otherwise that's alot of drawing!).

So make it nice 'n' festive 'n' colourful 'n' stupid. Entries by Sunday 16th December and winner announced Monday or tuesday evening. you should get your pressies in good time for the last xmas post!

Send entries to

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything. Judges decision is final! (they always say that don't they?)

Thank you!


Fat Tony said...

Coo! Where did I leave my crayons?

Mad Nigel said...

I think I may have eaten them. Burp. Sorry.

Derek The Sheep said...

Well, cough 'em up quick!! There's prizes to be won!!

Menaceman said...

Dah! I'd nearly forgotten!