Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Watcha. Flippin' eck I'm up late. I dropped my ipod down a drain and now I've got to re-upload all my tunes and it's taking forever. Actually it's been quite a useful experience as I can delete all those rubbish tunes that clog the flipping thing up.
Why on Earth I've got Macedonian Horse Banjo music on there is anyone's guess. But it always turns up when I have it on shuffle.

Bert Worm gave me his latest MP3s the other day (he's a famous worm singer in his own right), but they're not really my thing to be honest, so I've deleted all of them. Worm music is a very acquired taste; imagine a long, thin Bjork singing through a toilet roll tube, and you'll get an idea of how worms sound when they sing (I hope Bert doesn't read this, he's a very sensitive artist).
I blame his mother; she always said he had a great voice and she hasn't got any ears!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Cor! Exciting poll!!!

I've not been able to relax this bank holiday weekend, mainly due to the very exciting poll over at

I was leading by quite a margin at one point, cos that's how great I am. But then Big Baz and Nutty Nigel rallied all those on the farm who happened to hate me (i.e. the ducks, Bernard the goat, the chickens, Rodney the Bull, Alan Horse, Colin pig, Kevin Rabbit... the list is endless), and got them to vote against me!! The rotters!! Don't matter though, my support has turned out in strength and last time I looked I was still second.

At least I'm not last. Like normal!