Monday, April 17, 2006

Stinky pile of mess.....

Well, Lenny left the turnip out in the sun too long showing it off to his mates and now it's gone all mouldy and smelly, not unlike Lenny!!!
So much for making any money out of it, I reckon we'll have to pay someone to take it away, so really we've lost a lot of cash if that happens.

Did I mention Bert Worm won Worm Idol? He's released his new record "I'm a Worm and You'd Better Get Used To It" and it went straight to the top of the worm Hit Parade, knocking off Wendy Worm and Her Orchestra with "Who Let The Worms Out?". That's a terrible song by the way. All of Wendy Worm's songs are rubbish if you ask me, but Bert has a lot of respect for her he reckons. A match made in Heaven there if you ask me.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Big Turnips 'R' Us!

Me and the gang have been very busy growing turnips. Check out this beauty!

most of 'em only grew to the size of eggs or small eyeballs, but this one is the size of a HOUSE!!!
don't ask me how though. Lenny said we used very special manure, something about bee poo. Do bees poo? I've never seen one I must say. I'll ask Cecil when I see him, I'm sure he'll be pleased to pass on his knowledge.

That's got to take alot of bee poo though if you ask me. Must be eating a lot of roughage them bees. How do you spell "roughage"??? That don't look right at all.

Anyway, I reckon we'll be millionaires if they all grow to that size! We would dominate the world market in turnips. We'd have turnip soup, turnip sauce, turnip pudding, turnip pie, turnip sandwiches, er... turnip soup. The possibilities are endless!
No one could ever grow turnips like us!! No one!!

Unless they have bee poo too I guess.