Sunday, January 22, 2006

Nobby in "Not Hibernating" shock!

Lenny was reading his Sunday newspaper this morning, what with all it's different sections; news, TV guide, sport, posh glossy magazine, DVD of a really old film no-one's heard of, er.. media, whatever that is, more sport, fashion, last week's news in case you missed it, sudoku special, free "celebrity knees" photo special, etc etc (that was only half of it! Nearly a tree's worth of paper in there I reckon). ANYWAY, in the Holiday section, he was reading about how people with lots of money go away to hot countries over Christmas, which is very sensible I'd say, and he was looking at the lovely photo of people bathing on the beach, when suddenly he realised he recognised one of the faces lapping up all the sunshine!!
Take a look yourself...towards the bottom left on the green and yellow stripey towel, the little hedgehog, who looked suspiciously like NOBBY!

So, being the curious types we had a sneaky look under the hedge where we left him a couple of months ago to see if he was still tucked away in his little bed...

Well, what a flippin' surprise! Under the the little duvet wasn't Nobby snoring away, but his pillow which he'd covered up to make it look like it was him under there.
Unbelievable! There's us all thinking he's snuggled up all cosy escaping the chilly winter, when in fact he's sneaked off to Tenerife for a couple of months without telling us! We're all freezing our ears off and he's drinking cocktails in the boiling sunshine. Cor, just you wait till I see him, the cheeky beggar.

What I want to know is, how can he afford such an expensive trip? He's only a little hedgehog, and he's always borrowing 50p off me!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Flippin' eck it's a rotten January...

Well, I don't know about you lot, but we've all felt so dreary and depressed after Christmas. I've had some lovely Christmas presents though, so that sort of helped. Lenny bought me a poster of my favourite sugababe Mutya, but then she went and left, which sort of ruined it all really. He also bought me their latest single "Ugly", and he said it was a very appropriate present, whatever that means.

Cecil got me a King Kong jumper which his mum knitted for me, it has the words "I love King Kong, he's brilliant!" written under a strange knitted depiction of Kong thumping a T-Rex. King Kong rocked didn't it?! wow what a film. I felt really dizzy though coming out of the cinema after all that flying about around the Empire State Building. Lenny was crying seeing as he's a big girly turnip. He says he wasn't, but he definitely was. He even cried out "Noooo!" when Kong fell off and died. We all had a great laugh at that! Not kong dying, Lenny blubbering.

I bought everyone signed Beano Annuals and they were really pleased and I don't think anyone has relented and sold their copy on Ebay yet!

So the sky is grey, the grass is a bit damp, it's flippin' cold and we're depressed...
Bert worm is entering this year's "Worm Factor" as he has a great singing voice, so that should be a laugh. His audition song is, "What's a worm got to do with it?".
No, I've never heard of it neither. We're all going along to give him support. I'm hoping to meet Kate Wormton, she's lovely and lights up the telly whenever she's on it....