Monday, February 21, 2005

Snow! We love it!

Hooray! It's snowing and we love snow on this farm. Well usually anyway.
We all had a fantastic big snowball fight this afternoon; sheep and chickens versus cows and ducks. It was brilliant! I got charlie chicken right between the eyes, he won't be "cock-a-doodle-dooing" for a little while I can tell you.
Me and the lads built a big snowball which we rolled down the hill and took out half their army. Colin Duck went missing for half an hour until we realised he'd ended up in the snowball and was stuck. He found 50p while he was in there, so he was quite chuffed. Lenny copped a big snowball on the back of his head and he ended up in the hedge, he looked a right idiot. He said it wasn't funny, but obviously it was.

I got a massive snowball in the chops and I lost a tooth in the process. My new name is now "Watford" after "Watford gap" which is apparently a big road or something. I've never heard of it, so it's not even funny.
I think that tooth is definitely lost now seeing as it's white and is lost in white snow. I wouldn't mind, but everytime I say something I whistle out the side of my mouth. It was amusing for a little while, but now I just get on my own nerves. I hate whistling.

Me mid-splat. One of them snowflakes is probably my tooth flying about!

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