Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Goose has a gander!

Well that strange cow was there again this morning, so I went up to her and asked her straight, "What are you flipping looking at ya big cowpat?", to which she ran off screaming.
I didn't mean to scare her, I just wanted to know what all the staring is about. Maybe I shouldn't have shouted at her.
So anyway, me and Lenny went for a wander around the farm today (I don't think Farmer Jack minds, although we didn't actually ask for permission) and you know what? I'd swear everyone was looking at me weirdly. Lenny says I'm going mad and perhaps I ought to shut up and stop boring him to death about "who's staring at who". It's nice to have an understanding friend.
Then at that moment I caught Eddy Goose hiding behind a tree and looking directly at me! Staring he was! At me! So I ran after him shouting "What do you want? Stop looking at me!! Come back here and I'll boot you up the bum!". He ran like the wind he did, stupid goose.

Well this convinced Lenny that something really was going on and he promised to get to the bottom of it, if only to shut me up.
He's a great mate that Lenny.

Eddy Goose, legging it like a big chicken!


Herc said...

Are you sure that the other animals have'nt been sneaking into the farmhouse and reading farmer jack's copy of the beano? it could be they have realized they are co-habiting with a star.

Derek said...

Yes you're right! I bet that's what it is. They all want my autograph or something.
I bet that's exactly what Lenny will come back and say when he's found out the truth!
Thanks Herc, you're a star.

Molyan said...

They're probably knitting you a red carpet right now.

Do sheep agree with knitting, Derek?

Derek said...

We don't mind knitting with wool as such, as long as it's not anyone we know.

Emz said...

DO you like Lenny

Derek said...

I love him like a brother, i.e. he smells and gets on my nerves like all brothers do.