Thursday, January 27, 2005

Funky Chicken

That Barry Chicken came round our barn this evening and played a few songs on his banjo. Everyone was tapping their toes, jigging the jig and generally making fools of themselves. I'd just settled down for a nice kip after a hard day wandering aimlessly in my field, when he decided to "entertain" us.
Some people call it music, but not me. If you trod on a chicken's foot, you'd get a pretty good idea of his vocal prowess. And I don't know where he gets his ideas for songs from, but I'm sure he was singing "Get a low down on my hoe-down, cos I'm the chirpiest chicken that's ever been a-flippin'". Which is frankly stupid. But all the girls loved it, so you can't argue really.

Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write me emails and post comments on my site this past week, it's all very much appreciated. I've really enjoyed all your mad story ideas too, so keep sending them in.
Farmer Jack's off away until next Monday, so I won't be able to post to this blog until he gets back. Have a good weekend and I'm sure I'll have some great stories for you next week.
All the best,


Anonymous said...

What I really want to know is does Colin the Vet do his rounds at your farm? Does he bring any celebrity pets with him?

Derek said...

Yes Colin did use to come round this way, but he always had cold hands, so after many complaints he was asked to take his rubber gloves elsewhere.
The only celebrity pet we saw round here was 'Snoop Doggy Frog', but we told him to hop it! Ha ha ha!
Actually I made that up.

Anonymous said...

Derek you are fabulous and amazing. you are the best and funniest sheep that ever was. there is one thong that i was wondering about you thorugh. are you a northen sheep? the way you talk sounds northern. oh, say you are! it will make my appreciation of you complete.

Derek said...

Thank you for saying I'm fabulous and amazing, it's nice to be finally appreciated for my real talents.
As to your question; I would love to say I'm Northern, but I'm not entirely sure. Any maps that blow into our field tend to get eaten by Bernard the Goat. I think there's probably a very good chance, 'cos it's very cold and wet where we live and I've heard it's always cold and wet up North.

North of what though? That's what I want to know.