Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Knobbly knees

Bernard's shed roof blew off in the wind today, so he's having to stay with us for a few days. We don't really mind, as long as he don't talk to us and we don't have to look at him.
I think it was Lenny that noticed what strange nobbly knees he had (he's very observant is our Lenny). So we told Bernard what stupid looking knees he had and apparently his mother had the same thing too. In fact most of his family stretching back 100 years have had funny looking knees one way or the other. He even reckons his Great-Great-Great Grandfather Cyril had such strange nobbly knees that he won a prize, and people from miles around came and looked at them.
I wonder what sort of prize you give a goat for having weird knees? Maybe a really big pair of spotty bloomers for him to eat or something.
Who knows.

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Dougal and i now have perrrrrrrrrrrfect teath said...

good for Lenny to be observant. did Bernard look really silly. I bet he did.