Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Coop scoop

Ho ho! We just heard what the cause of all that to-do was yesterday...
It turns out Farmer Jack's bathroom window looks out over the (now destroyed) chicken coop. The farmers wife was up there merrily brushing her teeth in the morning with the window wide open and singing to her heart's content.
Unfortunately, she was singing along to some advert on the telly, "I feel like chicken tonight", or something (I don't know it myself) but it was overheard by many chickens downstairs in the yard who knew it very well.
It's shocking just how sensitive them chickens can get, cos they just wrecked the place! A couple of chickens even managed to get inside the house and blow up the telly. Luckily, Mrs Farmer Jack managed to lock herself away in the bedroom cupboard safely until the police came.
Them chickens really do need to go on one of them 'Anger Management' courses, because at the end of the day, it's only a song, and from what I've heard, quite a nice one at that.

On a side note, Bernard the goat was stuck up that tree all night. No one knows how he got up there; he ain't talking and the chickens are saying it had nothing to do with them neither.
He's a bit weird, that Bernard.

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