Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I'm not fat!

Someone really hurt my feelings today, so I'm feeling a bit sad.
There I was walking to the field with the rest of my gang, minding my own business, when someone rudely shouted out that I was a fat lump! What a cheek! I didn't know who it was, but it definitely came from the direction of the chicken pen. Lenny said it was Fluffy Eddie, so I went up to him and told him straight that I'm NOT fat, just a bit more woolly for the winter. It's alright for him cooped up in his er.. coop, but we're stuck out in the freezing cold all day and we need that extra layer, or we'd turn into big ice cubes.
I also told him how upsetting it is to be called names and asked him how he'd like it if people made fun of the way his feet turned outwards and called him a penguin, at which point everyone laughed and started chanting "Penguin! Penguin! Penguin!" until he cried.
It was at that moment that Sandra the goose put up her wing and confessed that it was her who called me fat, not Eddie, and she didn't mean it and she was only having a laugh with her mates.
I thought she was my friend! Not anymore. I ain't speaking to her ever again!!


Herc said...

ha ha! why do they call your chicken chum 'fluffy eddie'? has he got really fluffy feathers or is he a 'rare-breed furry chicken'?
Well, i am enjoying your blog very much, cheerio Derek!

Derek said...

Why thank you Herc! Glad you're enjoying my nonsense ramblings.
Eddie is just a big fat fluffy chicken. I don't think he's rare, as he mainly looks like every other chicken around here colour-wise. He's just very untidy I suppose, with strange penguin-like feet.
I hope that answers your question!