Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Special branch

Well, here it is, Bernard's Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Cyril's fantastic prize for having the knobbliest knees for miles around; a piece of wood that looks a bit like a knee. Flipping 'eck, call that a prize?! We've got hundreds of bits of wood just like that laying about in our field and you're pretty likely to get a poke in the eye if you awarded one to someone as a prize.
Bernard reckons that it was like winning a Blue Peter badge back in them days, and Cyril was offered hundreds of pounds to part with his treasured log. Can't see it myself. I'm glad I'm alive now and not in the olden days, 'cos I'd be well mad if I'd won a stupid log in a competition. They could've at least painted it gold to make it look special or something. Although thinking about it, whenever I've seen photos from hundreds of years ago, everything is in black and white, so the colour gold probably didn't exist then.
Not that that's any excuse. Stupid olden-day people.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ah - but it was all 'free range' in them olden days days - more freedom!... mind you the [ahem] 'final moment' of animal husbandry was more ... shall we say, "More homely" (a farmers DIY).
I'd best shut up...


Derek said...

It may have been more 'free range', but who wants chickens running about getting under your feet? Not me. Lock 'em all away, that's what I say. And cows. And any goats too. In fact lock 'em all away, just so me and my pals can have a quieter munch in our field.