Monday, January 10, 2005

The chickens are revolting!

Ooh. You go away for five minutes and the whole world goes mad!
On Sunday, Farmer Jack bunged us sheep in a field flipping miles away, so far away in fact, that we stayed there overnight (which wasn't great, but that's another story). But cor! When we got back this afternoon, the entire farm was in chaos!
We haven't worked out exactly what has happened yet, but most of the chicken coop is smashed up with feathers and eggs everywhere; some of the windows in Farmer Jack's house have been broken (with bricks it looks like) with eggs splattered all over the walls; his favourite new yellow tractor is laying on it's side, burnt out and Bernard the goat is stuck up a tree, although actually he looks quite happy.
According to Cyril the pig, the chickens had gotten loose and went on a deranged rampage! He also reckons the police turned up and arrested at least five chickens, but he couldn't quite make out who they were.
How exciting! I wished I'd seen it all. What a laugh. I've seen unhappy chickens in my time, but to see a gang of mad, angry chickens rioting in the streets, now I'd pay money to see THAT!


lara said...

I like Derek the sheep and I think he is very funny. I like it when he says flipin eck! Well done on it. I can't wait to see the next one!

Derek said...

Thanks Lara! If it wasn't for the fact that everyone on the farm gets on my nerves, I probably wouldn't say "flippin' eck" so often!

mAD hATTER said...

Do you get hot in your wool cause if OH FIIPPIN ECK MY COMPUTERS ON FIRE.