Friday, April 01, 2005

Call me Dave

By the way, for the sake of foreign editions of the Beano, it has been decided that I should now be called Dave, as this is a far more universally recognised British name and Derek means "packet of crisps" in Spanish.
So from now on, I'm Dave the Sheep.
And Lenny is to be called Brenda.


Gertie said...

Ah you don't fool me with your April Fool trickery...however the Lenny/Brenda thing is quite true. I was speaking to a Spanish Dog the other day and whenever I mentioned Lenny all he kept saying was 'Que??? QUE??'.

Anonymous said...

Nah' i'm callin you derek.

Derek said...

Flippin' eck! I didn't realise these comments were here! It says "0" comments!!
I thought you all hated me and were ignoring me now that I'm called Dave!

I think "Lenny" in Spanish means "do you want to go for a walk?" which is why your mutt was getting excited.