Sunday, April 10, 2005

Stupid telescopes

Me and the lads are big fans of astronomy round here and often wonder if there are sheep on Mars. Or if you're Cecil, you'd be wondering if there were bees on other planets. So we got quite excited when we read that they are building super-size telescopes, which can see further than anything built ever. Even further than the Bubble telescope, which has been brilliant.
The only thing that made us laugh was the stupid names they come up with for their new telescopes! Like the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), or the Overwhelmingly Large Telescope (Owl).
So we decided, that if we build a telescope on our farm we're going to call it FELATSOTT, which stands for Flipping Eck Look At The Size Of That Telescope. We've started building it already and have collected over 30 old toilet rolls. This thing is going to be HUGE!


Derek said...

Can I say thank you to everyone who has been sending in old toilet roll tubes or have pledged them. I reckon we'll have enough to see further into space than ANYONE!!!

Gertie said...

You got any use for cereal boxes? I have hundreds. Tried to make a house out of them but it got a bit soggy when I added the water for me to swim in.

Derek said...

Not really. Cereal boxes don't make good telescopes unfortunately. They make great boxes for keeping cereal in though, stuff like cornflakes and cocopops!
Thanks all the same though Gertie.

Tom said...

Heyup everyone i never posted a real comment before. Cereal Boxes are gud for making paper airplanes i have made hundreds out of them.

Derek said...

Blimey! Hundreds of them?! Wow! Do they fly far?