Saturday, April 16, 2005

Lenny's new friend

I'm getting a bit worried about Lenny. A red balloon blew into our field yesterday and it landed right next to Lenny in a hedge. Now Lenny loves his new balloon and won't go anywhere without it. He won't let anybody touch it neither and if we're rude about the balloon (I said it was stupid), he gets really angry and storms off.
I know we all get possessive about things from time to time, but Lenny's behaviour is getting really strange. I even thought I heard him talking to his balloon this afternoon in our barn! I think he was discussing the merits of the new Doctor Who and I'm sure I heard him shout at his balloon, "No! You are wrong! Christopher Ecclescake is a brilliant Doctor Who. What would you know? You're just a flippin' balloon!"

Which is frankly, quite scary.


Gertie said...

Does Lenny have siblings? That may be why. Anyway that Balloon's daft, Christopher Ecclestone is a good Doctor Who.

Lexika said...

Dear Derek
this is not as scary as the immensely huge bee which buzzed loudly at me and scared me to death yesterday. I'm scared the Word is Out in the insect world about Derek and ladybirds.

Derek said...

Lenny has twenty four brothers and eighteen sisters. So he says. Doesn't explain why he talks to balloons though.

Don't worry about bees Lexika, all the bees I've met are extremely stupid. And that loud buzzing is probably just them singing the latest pop hit e.g. Amarillo or some such.

Don't make them angry though, that I do know. Poking them in the eye makes them angry and should be avoided at all cost.