Monday, April 18, 2005

Lenny's balloon doesn't like me!

I'm starting to think my farm has been caught up in some mad space-warp where everything is the same except for the fact that everybody is INSANE!!!!

I asked Lenny if he wanted to look at my great new telescope as I think we've spotted a new spider-shaped planet (Bob the chicken and Astronomer extraordinaire believes we could be on the threshold of fame and fortune). But no, Lenny was going out with his new friend his balloon to look for bluebells. Bluebells aren't out for at least another two weeks I argued, but apparently the balloon reckons that due to global warming there's a great chance they'll be out early this year.

What do flippin' balloons know about flippin' flowers and flippin' global warming?!

I got a bit angry and shouted at Lenny to stop being such a fool and stop playing with his stupid balloon as it's making him look like an idiot.
Well, according to Lenny, the balloon did not like this and would prefer it if Lenny didn't hang around with me any more!

Can you believe it? Why the balloon can't say it to my face I don't know. Maybe because it's a balloon AND BALLOONS DON'T TALK!!!

I tell ya, that balloon is getting right on my nerves.


Gertie said...

Does BSC run in Sheep?

Lexica said...

Hi Derek
have you checked there isn't a great big spider sitting on the end of your telescope?
Perhaps you can find a big holly bush to burst Balloon's pretensions.

MIKE DA HAT said...

Another 98 red ballons and you've got yourself a hit song

Hamish said...

That balloon is a balloon. The bluebells sing songs!