Sunday, March 13, 2005

Still a bit windy

I'm still suffering from them sherbert lemons. I kept trying to steer well away from people so as not to embarrass myself, but Lenny insisted on coming over all the time and asking me what's wrong. I told him it's nothing and to go away and leave me alone and then he got really offended thinking he'd upset me or something. I ended up shouting at him to go away, far away, and he shouted back about how I'm acting different these last couple of days and how everyone hates me.
He went away but came back ten minutes later and offered me a sherbert lemon. I went a bit crazy and knocked the packet out of his hoof, screaming "Get them sherbert lemons away from me! They're evil!!" and ran to the other side of the field crying.
Now the whole farm thinks I'm a loony.
I'm not a loony I just have a tremendous build up of gas.


Bindi Bluetit said...

The animals on your farm are treating you worse than ever it seems. Maybe being in the Beano's alienated them or something. They don't know a true star when they see one!

Derek said...

You're so right Bindi, them stupid idiots are definitely turning into a bunch of aliens. Jealousy isn't pleasant and you soon find out who your true friends are!

Nelson the Narwhal said...

I am sorry to hear about your troubles with the other animals. My advice would be to become a ninja. You would command respect.

Derek said...

Great advice Nelson! Are you a ninja then?

Nelson the Narwhal said...

I must admit that I have taken a correspondence course in the art of being a ninja. It's a bit hard finding samurai to fight under the Arctic Ocean, however. I've managed to frighten some crabs rather badly, though.