Wednesday, March 09, 2005

An Ode To Derek

I've just received a lovely poem from my fan, Sue Wilkes, who was very pleased that I posted that picture of those ducks yesterday:

Hurray for Derek!
The sheep we love most
He likes fried egg butties
And beans on toast

Lenny's his mate
His nose gets quite messy
Friend Cecil the Bee's
New hat is so dressy

Derek's pictures are full
Of crazy cows and pigs
His field's never dull
There's ducks in his digs!

His Beano stories are really great
For his diary updates we can't wait
So if Farmer Jack takes your telly
There's a spider in your welly
Or your barn's really smelly
Please Derek, don't be blue
Your fans all love you!

Thanks Sue! It's absolutely cracking. Sue says she doesn't write many poems, but she sure looks like an expert to me.
If you want to be like Sue, and have your poem or letter posted on my blog, then don't hesitate to email me. Such things should definitely be encouraged. I could even put your drawing up too if you want!

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Menaceman said...

Lovely! Very nice I say!