Monday, March 21, 2005

Ladybird survey

Farmer Jack has asked the farm to keep an eye out for weird ladybirds. Apparantly some foreign types have invaded the UK and are most unwelcome as they tend to eat our nice ladybirds that already live here and we don't want none of that.
Me and lenny checked out the ladybird survey website so we could find out exactly what these nasty creatures looked like. Unfortunately, to the untrained sheep eye, these so-called Harlequin ladybirds don't look too different from our OWN ladybird. So we got a bit worried, thinking we would collect a bagful of ladybirds and they'd be our own lovely British ones which have lived here for millions of years.
Then Cecil came along and told us we were being very stupid and it ain't so difficult! All we have to do, he reckons, is ask them. You'd be able to tell by their mad accents he said, but me and Lenny are cleverer than that (anyone can put on a British accent!) so we've come up with a detailed survey to weed out the rotters and round 'em up and put 'em in a pot.

We only found one today, but it was a good chance to try out our detective skills...

Name: Karen
Ain't that a girls name? What of it?
Are you a stupid foreign ladybird? err.. no
Who's the Prime Minister of Scotland? um...Bill someone?
No!! Ha ha har!!
What magic powers do you have? I don't have no magic powers. Although I can bend my fingers backwards, watch.
Arrggh! Don't do that!!! Flippin' eck.
Finally, who's the Queen of England? ...Britney Spears?
..Yes ok. (We're not sure about this one, but it sounded right).
Thank you, you can leave!

A great success, I'm sure you'll agree. Look out for more ladybird surveys all this week!


Heedlebug said...

I like that ladybird!!!!! is he dead yet???? :P

Derek said...

What? No he ain't dead. We let him go as he was such a nice and knowledgeable chap. We won't kill any harlequins, we're gonna put 'em in a pot and post it to John Craven.