Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bazzer the basher

Big Baz has been doing pretty well with his own conker this week. He calls it "Little Baz", which is mildly stupid.
He smashed up Herman Chicken's conker to smithereens. Herman was very upset and cried.
Baz just laughed of course. He then broke in half Des Duck's lucky conker his dad gave him when he was born. Baz actually put it in his mouth and cracked it with his teeth. We all shouted it was cheating, so Baz apologised and gave Des his conker back, what was left of it, and said, "lets play properly then!". Of course you can't play conkers with two smashed up halves, so Des was not a happy duck I can tell you.
Then he was up against Cecil, but he accidently bashed Cecil on the head, saying that Cecil looked a bit like a conker really. I'll have to agree with Baz there, Cecil is very conker-like and really ought not to have gotten involved.

So, he's up against Lenny tomorrow. That should be a laugh. Lenny's only just moved on from playing tiddly winks and wouldn't know how to lob a conker if it hit him in his face. Whatever that means.
Good luck Lenny! Not.


Menaceman said...

What a meanie Baz is! Someone should hit him in the face with a conker, never mind Lenny.

Gertie said...

He got that scar after he tried to rob some Babybels from me. He succeeded but from what he took, I gave back!

Derek said...

I'm still trying to work out how you can "scar" wool. I reckon he drew it on with a felt tip pen.

Gertie said...

PAH that's what he'll say!! He's just too embarrased a Fish could do that to a Sheep!!