Saturday, August 06, 2005


Blimey! Me and the gang have been so busy trying to figure out what happened to Bernard, that I forgot to tell you to rush out and buy this week's Beano!!!
I'm in it!! The story is brilliant as usual and introduces no less than THREE new characters; Doris the Bee, Cecil's sister; Big Baz, the farm bully and Mad Nigel his stupid mate.
Check out the colouring too which is all down to me and Lenny. Isn't it sparkly and lovely? You wait till you see next month's! You'll need to wear sunglasses cos the colouring is so zingy.

Bernard update: There was a turnip seen rolling about on a bus last tuesday, as spotted by Reggie Bull. He nearly ate it too, but he says he doesn't eat food that's been on the floor (Which isn't true. I've seen him eat a jelly tot that was lying on the road once. What a pig).


Menaceman said...

You should have tagged Bernard with a bell. You'd hear then if he tried to roll off.

Fat Tony said...

sounds like a shaggy bull story to me.

Menaceman said...

Shaggy bull story?

Fat Tony said...

Keep up, Menaceman. Reggie Bull thought he saw Bernard.

Molyan said...

Perhaps there should be a reward for the return of Bernard, like when people lose cats or dogs?

Stick a few posters up with 'HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TURNIP - REWARD: £20,000' on and he'll be back within no time.

Derek said...

That's a brilliant idea Molyan!

I'll knock one out tonight and post it on here!

Molyan said...

It's just like an episode of Eastenders, which I don't watch.

Demi and Leo run away. We lose Bernard.

By the way, I have renamed Demi and Leo - Chantelle and Mitch II.

Have fun making posters, Derek.

P.S I do not watch Eastenders.

Menaceman said...

Yes, Molyan. And I don't ever read Derek's blog here and I've NEVER posted on it once! lol

Molyan said...

Coronation Street's the only soap for me!

P.S I do not watch Coronation Street.

P.P.S I still don't watch Eastenders.