Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Have you seen me???

Well, here's a poster to help find Bernard. We've put it up all around the farm, so let's hope he turns up!
Thanks for the idea Molyan! You're a genius.

If this don't work, nothing will.


Fat Tony said...

I asked some passing Swedes but it was no go.

Derek said...

What might be useful is if everyone printed off about 10 and put them in newsagents windows or sellotaped to trees etc. Then we can see what sort of response we'd get.

That's our best chance of finding Bernard I reckon.

Menaceman said...

I would LOVE to print some off and post them up. Only thing is, I don't trust the people round here. Their eyes are too close together! Nuff said.

MIKE DA HAT said...

If this works it'll be a turnip for the books.

Anonymous said...

Wow, (:=0
Thats a crazy poster

Molyan said...

Well, I hope it works.

And now I know what a turnip looks like!

Gertie said...

I've gathered some suspects.


any of them look familiar?

Paws said...

Don't worry, Derek. My mates are good at spreading gossip and by Sunday, every cat in Britain will be searching for Bernald. As for Ginger, he'll be leaving for Great Yarmouth tonight.

Derek said...

Good work team.
Looks like this isn't the first time though!!!

Turnip theft from 1818!