Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ain't summer holidays boring??

I don't know about you, but summer holidays are BOOOORRIING!!!
Everyone is just aimlessly wandering around wondering what to do with themselves.

Cecil has gone on a "White Water Rafting" trip to Romford, so hopefully he's having a better time than the rest of us.
Me and Lenny did consider camping for the weekend, maybe sit in a field somewhere and look at the trees drinking cups of tea, but then we realised that's what we do every day anyway!

We didn't enjoy the heatwave either. Apparently it was the hottest July since dinosaurs ruled the Earth or something. How they know about things like that I never know.

Well the plan is for me and Lenny to go and feed the ducks tomorrow, so that should be a laugh. The ducks are a bit fussy round 'ere, so only posh bread from Marks And Spencers will do.
Then at the weekend we're going to stay up all night in a graveyard. Should be fun.
I'll keep you posted....


Fat Tony said...

Heh heh heh. I'm just off to find a white sheet and some clanky things...

Red Ron said...

Nothing more frightening than a graveyard when it is windy and it is blowing a gale!!! ghosts love a good storm they get blown all over the place and when they howl you can hear the sound for miles. Take my advice don't go tonight you will be so scared it will turn your hair white! Oh I forgot it already is white.

Menaceman said...

Can't you trick the ducks and stick some bog standard bread in a Marks and Sparks bag? See how fussy they really are.

As for staying up all night in a graveyard, your a braver sheep than me. Um, well I'm not actually a sheep but you get what I mean.

Derek said...

"Red Ron"? Blimey, what are you, a racing horse or a viking?? It's a great name!
No ghosts yet, peeps. Maybe tomorrow! Lenny's right scared!!

What a big girls blouse!!!

Exclamation marks!!!!!!

Paws said...

There's no such thing as ghosts. Werewolves, maybe. Perhaps vampires. Certainly James Blunt. But not ghosts. (Forbode...)

trace said...

why don't you visit your local library. there are loads of fun things you could do. you could borrow a book like the sheep-pig by dick king-smith or russell the sheep by bob scotton. he looks really fab in his hat. perhaps you could get some fashion tips from him!