Monday, August 14, 2006

Duck a'la blacmange

Cor, what a brilliant laugh we had feeding the ducks!!!

Ducks are well stupid and I could spend all day watching them quack to each other. Although Eddie duck didn't appreciate me staring at him and pointing and laughing at his mates. But whatever. He's a duck; what's he going to do? Bite my kneecaps?
Actually that would probably hurt.

We soon discovered the joys of throwing bread at them and seeing how many we could bonk on the head. I was beating Lenny by a mile, seeing as he threw like a girl and everything. I hit 14 and he only got 4. What a loser! I did take the mick a bit too much though, cos then he got so mad he tipped the rest of the bread from his packet on my head. I was well crumbed (today's new word!). So obviously I got him back by pushing him over and rubbing all my bread in his face.
A big Canadian goose saw all this bread on Lenny and immediately sat on his head and started eating it! And when all the other ducks and geese saw this they too quickly pounced on Lenny (who was lying there in shock, the weirdo) and they all pecked away!! He had about 20 birds stood on him at one point eating bread and quacking away as if it was the first bread they'd ever seen. Very excitable are ducks and geese.
And boy were they pooing on him too! Hahaha! Ducks are always pooing and the last thing you want is a whole bunch of 'em sitting on your head, cos they're just going to poo on it. Which they did.

Poor old Lenny, he was in a right mess. He weren't particularly happy neither. But I had a brilliant laugh and my ribs were well aching! So I didn't really care, I was alright.

We didn't go to the cemetary seeing as he was in such a bad mood (and it's been raining). Hopefully we'll go tomorrow, cos there's definitely meant to be ghosts there! I don't believe in ghosts, so it shouldn't be that scary really. Might be quite a nice trip out I reckon!

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Menaceman said...

Well it certainly sounds like you had fun, Derek. Even if ghosts don't exist I hope nothing else jumps out and scares you. Big Baz hasn't heard your plans has he?