Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm back!!

Hello! Apologies for the very quiet blog the last week or so; me 'n' the lads have been on holiday!
I took Lenny, Cecil and Nobby to visit my lovely relatives in Wales and boy what a grand time we had! Cecil made friends with everybody (as usual), even my Uncle Jack, the hairiest sheep in Wales, and Jack don't like bees normally. But they were the bestest of mates by the time we had to leave and it was a very tearful farewell and Jack even gave Cecil a fiver to buy some sweets (Jack's never given ME a fiver before!).

Lenny made friends with all my mum's pals in the tea shop, gossipping about the local goings on; apparently the peas served with the carvery at the Red Lion are tinned peas, Can you believe it?
I know, it don't mean nothing to me neither, but they were all in a tizz about it nonetheless. I quite like tinned peas myself.
I also think Lenny's put on two stone from all the tea and cake he's been shovelling down his gob too, but he disagreed obviously, until he put on his dancing trousers and they ripped RIGHT up his backside!!! What a fat blob!

Nobby played with my cousin Benny most of the week. Benny is just a little lamb and is probably about the same age as Nobby and a right couple of scamps they were too.
They played football most of the time and pretty much destroyed Uncle Jack's prize petunias and broadbean plant things. He weren't too pleased and I think it's safe to say that Nobby didn't get no fiver to buy a bag of sweets!

And me? I just just sat on the sofa watching DVDs. It was bliss!
It was bliss considering the amount of work I've got coming up in the next few weeks.

And I thought a monthly comicstrip was hard work...

Anyway, here's a great picture of me as a brilliant ninja, as sent in by regular blog reader The Thing! (Ain't he in the Fantastic Four?)

Cheers Thing. There's a sketch winging it's way to you next week. (All drawings receive a free sketch of me to put on your mantlepiece!)


Anonymous said...

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Molyan said...

Great picture, The Thing!

Rubbish junk, anonymous!

Menaceman said...

Nice picture, Thing!

Fat Tony said...

Wow thing! you make everyThing groovy...

Fat Tony said...

My chum Harold reckons he's the world's hairiest sheep. If you took a photo of your Uncle Jack, we could see who's the woolliest sheep ever.

The Thing said...

Thanks for putting my picture of you on your site Derek!