Friday, October 14, 2005

Drumroll please.....

We have our two lucky Beano Annual winners!

It was a very tough quiz, as you all quite helpfully told me, and it's pretty obvious many of you had missed some of my earlier, legendary adventures. Quite a surprising high amount of entrants got half the answers correctly, but we had one clever reader who answered nearly two thirds of the questions correctly and one amazingly devoted Derek fan who only got one answer wrong!
And so..
The runner-up, with 9 glorious points....

Alistair Stuart! AKA Menaceman. Well done Alistair! I think you had a feeling you were pretty close, we could hear your nail-biting from here!

And the winner, with a stupendous 14 correct answers! 14!


********JON SOUTH, from Berkshire!!!!!!*********

Many congratulations to both Jon and Alistair, worthy winners I think you'll agree, considering how stupidly difficult I made the questions...

A signed Beano 2006 will be darkening your doors very soon.

Thank you to all those who took part! It was fun (sort of), but fear not, the next competition coming up very soon will be EASY PEASY!!
So here are the correct answers:

Question 1
In my very first adventure, what was guarding the bridge stopping everyone getting to the other side?

b) A fire-breathing troll

Question 2
In the story "Field of Dreams" (issue 3227 may 22nd 2004), me and my mate Lizzie escape from Farmer Jack on a tractor. Why was he chasing us?

c) We'd eaten his prize apples

Question 3
In "Getting the wind up" (issue 3231 June 19th 2004), I had a fight with a stupid squirrel. What was he trying to watch on the T.V.?

d) Britney Spear's latest video

Question 4
I had a lovely snowy story in "No Business like snow business" back in December 2004 (issue 3256), but what did me and the gang use for a sledge?

b) The barn door

Question 5
I had a load of flies hanging around my backside getting on my nerves in issue 3236, July 24th 2004. What did I use as a long tail to give 'em a good whacking?

d) a bullrush

Question 6
Cecil and his stupid cousin George completely ruined my chances of winning "Best Farmyard Haircut 2005" in "Bad Hair Day" (iss. 3262, Jan 22 2005), but George loved competitions; what did he win just the week before?

c) A bubblegum blowing contest

Question 7
Who turned up for the first time in issue 3252 November 13th 2004, desperate to be my friend, but ending up getting me in big trouble?

b) Cecil

Question 8
In "It's an Ill Wind", (3240 August 2004), I somehow got loads of crisps stuck in my eyes; what did Lenny throw in my face to wash them out with?

a) Baked beans

Question 9
We came face to face with a stupid leprechaun in issue 3245 (sept 25th 2004), but he wasn't actually from Ireland! Where was he from?

c) Barnsley

Question 10
Farmer Jack made us all wear annoying bells round our necks in issue 3266 (Feb 19th 2005). What was the punishment if we took them off?

a) Wash all 28 of his dirty tractors

Question 11
In issue 3270 (Mar 19th 2005) we had a great game of football, but who didn't like being a goalpost and walked off in a sulk?

c) Kevin the rabbit

Question 12
In last years Christmas issue all us sheep were auditioning for a part in the nativity play. What was Lenny's act that left the judges unimpressed?

c) Juggling eggs

Question 13
I had a painful bunion on my foot in issue 3274 (April 16th 2005). Cecil had a new birthday present which really got on my nerves; what was it?

b) A guitar

Question 14
I was unhappy at being mistaken for Lenny in issue 3286 (July 9th 2005), what did Cecil dress me up as to make me look different?

d) A Mongolian Hairy Moose

Question 15
Last month, issue 3290, we met Big Baz for the first time, but who knocked all his teeth out?

a) Doris, Cecil's sister


Fat Tony said...

Coo! Congratulations Jon and Menaceman! Well done!

Menaceman said...

Woohooooo! I'm soooooooo happy that my face is almost splitting with the smile that has spread across it! A major well done to Jon too! That's amazing!

(PS I have my own blogspot blog now! I'm just confused how you add all the links and stuff down the side. Any tips, Derek? Molyan? Fat Tony?)

Fat Tony said...

Anyone who's heard the screams of anguish whenever I try to do links would know I'm the last person to ask. There's a Blogger help page about it (if you can understand it.)

Derek said...

you need to learn a tiny bit of html really. I'm sure there's a website that's helpful called monkey spanners or something. I'll have a look.

Hamish said... has some really good html stuff.

Menaceman said...

Thanks guys. I know a bit of HTML but I don't seem to recognise the tags used on blogger.

Molyan said...

Just found out the results! Well done Menaceman!!!!!!!

And Jon!

(If you go to the 'edit template' page there is all the html that makes up your blog. Keep scrolling and there will be a part that has the archives and things. Copy and paste those bits and edit 'Archive' to say 'Llama' or whatever and display your links/text under that. Hope that helps.)

Paws said...

Hooray for Menaceman!

Jon said...

Woohoo! Glad I didn't buy one now!