Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gammy leg

As some of my chums already know, I hurt my hoof playing football last week. it was a cracking tackle and had I not been stretchered off, I would certainly have been "Sheep of the Match". Instead Mad Nigel won that particular prize for scoring what can only be described as a "bum goal" as the ball bounced off his behind when he was standing talking to Lenny about the power of his "magic eyeballs" (apparently he can make traffic lights turn green if he stares long enough at them. Very useful).

Anyway, I'm currently a completely grumpy git (see my bunion story from a few months ago for a strangely similar situation). I also attempted to upload the Beano Annual 2006 quiz with big long complicated questions based on lovely old me, but then my computer crashed and all was lost. I then took the computer and threw it out of the window. Which was a bit stupid, as I then had to buy another one from Bernard "dodgy geezer" the goat. Lenny wasn't happy either, as he was bidding on a pair of maracas on ebay yesterday and he unfortunately lost the auction in the end by 50p.
Ha ha ha.

So the quiz will turn up tomorrow and there will be TWO annuals up for grabs to make up for the slight delay!

Ain't I the loveliest sheep you ever met?



Derek said...

Have I spelt "stretchered" right? It looks funny. We don't have any dictionarys round here, not when Bernard's hungry.

Fat Tony said...

'Stretchered' is right, but 'dictionarys' isn't. Get Fat Tony's Book of Whacking Great Words, or he'll pinch your kebab.

Menaceman said...

You're absolutely fabulous Derek! Pitty about the football and the computer though. I can't wait for the quiz! How long will it be up for 'cos I'm off out tomorrow night to a farewell thing before I go to University! :S

Molyan said...

Dodgy leg. Nasty. Same here.

May have to see a doctor. Meh.