Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I am a turnip. No really, I am.

Do you remember that Irish Leprechaun chap who turned up last summer and threatened to turn us all into turnips if we upset him again?
Well he came back today and Kevin rabbit accidently poked him in the eye with a carrot (I think he was giving directions). So he got really mad and has actually turned us all into turnips!

Which is brilliant. We can still talk and roll on our sides to get around, but it's just not the same really. Lenny doesn't seem to mind though and seems to be quite happy. He lost his balloon too (didn't quite have the grip to hold onto it), but he's not as bothered as I'd expected.
Maybe now that we're turnips, we might be able to become good friends again!


Fat Tony said...

that's a 'turn-up' for the book.

Paws said...

Ugh. I hate turnips. It must stink to be you..Erm I's a website that might help you out in this difficult time. And I'd strongly recommend tha...hang on a minute! If you're a turnip, how come you can still type? I'm just interested.

Gertie said...

Least he isn't a Cauliflower. They really guff badly.

Derek said...

Typing is pretty difficult, you're right. you know those little stringy bits at the bottom of turnips? Well we just about have control of them and can pick things up and wave at our friends, that sort of thing. It's not easy, mind, and it took me three hours to write this sentence, THAT'S how dedicated I am to my wonderful fans.