Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Use the Force!

Check out this wicked pic sent in from Alistair Stuart, AKA Menaceman, regular poster to this site.

Here's what Menaceman had to say,
"This is what I imagine you do after you've had a very bad day to get rid of your anger. I was going to make the punchbag green but thought that you wouldn't hit anything green because it would remind you of grass and that must be the one and only thing you don't hate."

Too right Menaceman!! There are some bees and sheep round 'ere that get right on my nerves and maybe a punchbag could be the answer to relieve the tension. I did try yoga once after Bernard the goat accidently knocked me into a puddle (I ended up right on my bottom!). Unfortunately I got my back left leg twisted round my neck and I was stuck like that for three days. Luckily Lenny kicked me really hard up the bum, and I was suddenly unravelled. Hooray! I won't go anywhere near yoga now, not even yoghurt, which sounds a bit like yoga. Sort of.

Thanks dude! One loverly sketch winging it's way very soon.


Menaceman said...

Thanks Derek! The picture looks awesome on here! I don't like yoga much either but I can almost get my foot behind my head!

Yoda said...

Menaceman it has to be said. That picture is a cracker!! I printed it off and is now stuck on my bedroom wall.

Menaceman said...

I'm VERY pleased that you liked it Yoda! I best be careful not to take the attention away from Derek, as if that was ever possible! Ha! Since at least one person likes my work I might as well make my name link to my own website now. It's called M.A.T.E.S and is about me and my friends. Don't expect the pictures to be anywhere near as good as the Derek pic tho... That's enough from me. I'll shut up now.

Derek said...

Wow!! Go Menaceman! You rock!!!

Menaceman said...