Wednesday, May 18, 2005

There ain't no "Armadillo" song here

May I just apologise to all those people who come here looking for that "Road to Armadillo" song via google. What it was right, is that a ladybird was singing it the other week and it got right on my nerves, so I put it in a pot. Then everybody told me off and said I was horrible, there was a big riot involving chickens and beetles and goats and everything and in the end I broke the pot on my mate Lenny's head (Lenny's a sheep too) by dropping it from a tree and then the ladybird flew away, but not before it punched me in the chops. Ok?

I hope that clears that one up.


BeanoKiD said...


Derek said...

Thanks BeanoKID!!

Great name by the way!

Fat Tony said...

Ha ha! I really am taking over the world! Did you see me on telly tonight? Look out for me on the repeat of Have I got News for you (I'm in the last couple of minutes,after the caption comp.)
Fat Tony rules!

Derek said...

Blimey, next thing you know you'll be bringing out a record called "Fat Tony's Rap" or something. It'll be terrible.

Anonymous said...

ha!...thats exactly how i ended up here....f**king google