Saturday, May 21, 2005

Moldova to win!!

We love the Eurovision Song Contest and we normally have a bit of a barn dance ourselves to get into the spirit of things (I'm the best of course, Hot Hooves they call me).
We all watched the semi finals excitedly on BBC 3 (we're extravagently rich enough to afford satellite now we're in the Beano) and we all voted madly for Moldova and their brilliant song Boonika bate doba which means "Grandmamma beats the drum-a".
And we love Grandmamma round here too! She's the coolest drummer in the world!

The lyrics are fantastic too!
"She’s a drum machine, you know what I mean"
"Pop you up with dat beat Get rid of rotten meat"
and of course...
"Grandmamma beats the drum-a with the mallet in the big house!"
She'll be a superstar, you mark my words. And as the song finally says "By the end of that show you‘ll blow yourself to bits". Well I hope not!

The group even have an album called 450 Sheep How brilliant is that? Cecil's trying to work out how we can buy a copy.


Derek said...

If Moldova don't win, then I'm going to run around the field with a pair of pants on my head.

Fat Tony said...

Can't wait to see a picture of that, Derek.
but whose pants?

Gertie said...

I so wanted her to win!!! The big three who should have won - Malta with the big podgy woman singing the ballad, Norway and the Marilyn Manson/Freddie Mercury lookalike, and her. Highlight of the evening!

Funny to see the drum being used so much in Eurovision, I reckon they wrestld it off the old woman and refused to give it back to her. Just evil.

Paws said...

Well? Aren't you going to run around the field with a pair of pants on your head yet? :P Oh, and don't forget to post the picture!

Derek said...

Yeah, don't worry, there'll be a picture of me running around with a pair of pants on my head. Flippin shame though. Definitely the best in the show, although Lenny really loved the nutty Norwegian geezer.

Fat Tony said...

Lexica's written a Rap for me (special request by Derek.)
It's great apart from an Unnecessary Personal Remark