Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hello! Remember me?

I've been everso EVERSO busy this last month or two. I've not even had time to watch telly or anything. You've hopefully by now spotted this week's great new adventure (I say "great"; it's not bad. That panel at the end of the first page is a bit ropey. It don't even look like me! Although it's a nice drawing of a tree in the first panel, so that sort of makes up for it.)
Here's a panel to remind you of a brilliant hilarious moment...

There are some lovely funny moments in there, so do rush out and buy it if you get a chance.

My other workload has also included working on a book collection of my early strips for Bloomsbury!!!

Yep! all the rumours are true! As many of my hardcore readers know, the especially lovely people at Bloomsbury think I'm really handsome and witty and that I deserve an even greater audience than the one I already have. They have a deep love of sheep too, so it really is home from home.

Here's a list of the stories to be included:

1. The Grass Is Always Greener
2. Field Of Dreams
3. Getting The Wind Up
4. Flies
5. It's An Ill Wind
6. He's Got The Power
7. One For The Pot
8. Let's Bee Friends
9. No Business Like Snow Business
10. Bad Hair Day
11. The Bells Are Ringing
12. Lame Excuse
13. Having A Ball

I think the only stories from that first year that aren't included are; the one with frisbee (my second appearance) and the Christmas Nativity story.
It should be 59 pages of extreme hilarity for the whole family to cherish for years to come. that's what Lenny says anyway.
Hopefully it will sell by the bucketload and I can then bring out another book with all my other stories in!!
Well, I can dream....


mooneyman said...

for some reason, the colouring looked different in that story. i dont know how, but i think it did.

Derek The Sheep said...

Well spotted. I've got myself a new colourist! Her name's Ruth and she can normally be spotted colouring Nigel (Dennis the Menace) Parkinson's work.

mooneyman said...

ah...that'll be why then. very nice it is too.