Thursday, March 01, 2007


Yes, you've guessed it; I've gone a bit deaf! You can read all about it in this week's Beano!

I'm back at last!! Hooray you all shout! I've cast off the shackles of putting together my book for the French people and gotten over a well rotten cold and now it's full steam ahead for normal Derek service!! Well, as normal as I ever get that is. Take this week's story; slugs, fleas, hairy ears, Cheryl Crow, I mean Blackbird, explosions, bogies, EVERYTHING!!! All crammed into a two-page glorious extravaganza.

Check out this hilarious moment...

Adrian slug was a right misery throughout it has to be said. I've known him for a while and he's always refused to take part in any of my stories (Bert Worm's the same; very camera shy), but I promised him a big packet of Sour Skittles if he turned up for a few panels, which he duly obliged. But unfortunately I duly ate the said Sour Skittles (seeing as I like the way they make me froth out of my nose) and he got WELL upset.
Obviously I scarpered, which if you think about it, is an idiot-proof plan; hands up all those who have been chased by a slug and have been caught and bopped in the chops?



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By the way, did you know this week's story marks my third anniversary in the Beano? Let's have a party!!!

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