Saturday, December 30, 2006

Horsing about!

Watcha! Have a good Christmas? We did! We had a big party and everything! Farmer Jack dressed up as Father Christmas and gave us all brilliant presents. I got a lovely new beanie hat and I certainly look the coolest on the farm. Keeps the ol' head warm too.
Lenny got the latest CD from Girls Aloud so he's well chuffed. Cecil's gone on a week's break to Norway to visit family. Norwegian bees, eh? Who knew?

Anyway!! I'm in the Beano RIGHT NOW!!! I know! I nearly missed it too! Too busy scoffing chocolate me!

Here's an exciting excerpt...

Yeah! you get to meet my old pal Alan Horse! Although I'm a bit horrible about him in this particular episode, but I don't mean it; I was just jealous of his jet-setting lifestyle of sugar cubes and warm coats.

Have a Happy New Year!!




Anonymous said...

lol i loved that story! nice outfit, derek, where'd ya get it? happy new year!

Derek The Sheep said...

Cheers Mooneyman!! Well, you can find all sorts of things on this farm!

Happy New Year!!