Saturday, January 06, 2007


Watcha again! Another week, another Derek The Sheep story!!

You lucky people.

This week you meet my lovely sister Ethel (with a beard, eurgh!) and my mad little nephew Benny, who says Beep alot. The weirdo. It's a cracking story and probably the best one ever since that one about the horse last week.

Here's a brilliant moment (***Warning!! Contains spoilers!!!****)

That little rascal! Also, if you don't like spiders and are a bit soft (like Lenny), then this issue is best avoided as it stars the biggest ugliest spider ANY OF US HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!

You have been warned...


Anonymous said...

I'm got a buy the Beano just to see that tomorrow!

Derek The Sheep said...

Hooray! You won't be disappointed! If you are, ask for your money back. I would.

Anonymous said...

lol. i loved that story! beep!