Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ch-ch-ch-Check it out!!

No, I haven't suddenly turned into a dodgy DJ from the '80's; I'm urging you to rush out and buy this week's BEANO!!!!

Is it me, or is my story this week my best EVER?? Even better than that one with the robot arm or perhaps the one where I grew long hair? I'll let you decide. There's even a proper joke in there too! Can you believe it? An actual GAG!!! It's hilarious. Lenny coughed on his jelly tots when he read it, that's how brilliant it is. Even the pun at the end is quite good this time. Shocking.

Here's a brilliant scene where I get bitten by a crab!

What comedy! Check out that gorgeous colouring too! I think michaelangelo must've done it or something as it's mindblowing.

There's even an 'omage to Hiroshige in there, that's how cutting edge my strips are.
So rush out and buy it now!!! Yippee!!!

P.S. Careful when you try and vote for me over at the Beano online poll - it's for the one you HATE!!! so you don't want to vote for me whatsoever. vote for Dennis, cos they'll never kick him out whatever happens.


Derek The Sheep said...

Oh yeah, and if you really love me and you're in Birmingham this Saturday, go to the comic fair and a certain Mr Northfield will be there and he'll draw a lovely picture for you COMPLETEY FREE!!!!

Fat Tony said...

rowntrees tots, please yourself
4 to choose from along the shelf,
jelly tots, so sparkly sweet,
made by rowntrees for tots to eat...OK I'll go and lie down now.

Menaceman said...

Are you feeling ok Tony?
I still need to buy this weeks Beano! I was busy with uni stuff and I, I, I...... forgot!

Anonymous said...

that was one of the best stories yet. keep up the good work, derek!

Anonymous said...

mum...can we go to birmingham... oh wots the use? it'll be finishing now.

Fat Tony said...

I am feeling all right. I just had a jellytots advert moment, that's all. I have a head stuffed full of rubbish like advert jingles but no room for important things like where I've left the key for my secret stash of Fry's turkish delight.

Menaceman said...

Good job I got a Beano on Saturday. It'll be time for this weeks soon.

Paws said...

A homage to Hiroshige, eh? Cool!

Er...what's a Hiroshige?

Fat Tony said...

Iconic Japanese artist, Paws-san.

Derek The Sheep said...

He's great. Lovin' them woodblock print thingies.