Friday, November 24, 2006

Well? What do you reckon?

Ain't my new blog shiny and lovely? It was getting a bit boring round 'ere, not least because I've been everso busy on a special project. (It's only exciting if you can speak French though).
Fingers and hooves crossed that soon I can tell you all about it, but by gum it's been a hard slog. Imagine half re-drawing, completely re-colouring 13 of my stories (59 pages in 5 weeks!!! Aaarrrgh!!), plus inventing a whole bunch of new panels so it can all fit nice and neater in book form. Actually, I've basically told you what it is right there, but I don't want to jinx it in case it doesn't get printed. When that's done THEN I can get on with super-speedy new stories for the Beano! I've got a whole bunch of mad adventures that need telling, not least of which being The Return Of Big Baz and Mad Nigel, and Cecil's forays into Science fiction Movie Making. These ain't even been drawn yet, but they will be in the next month or so. You'll just have to put up with what I've sent in recently i.e. meeting my little nephew Benny and my bearded sister; me and all the other sheep being washed up on an island in the middle of an ocean and a great new story where we all get to meet Alan horse, who is lovely.
Personally I can't wait! hooray!!


Paws said...

Neither can I! Take that, The Dandy!

Fat Tony said...

Zut alors! Sounds great!

Menaceman said...

I NEEEEED those stories! They sound great. :D Nice new blog too.

Derek The Sheep said...

Soon they will yours my friends!! Soooonnn!!!!

What wonderful life-affirming comments! Cheers peeps!