Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cor! Look!

Watcha!! Can you believe it? I'm alive!!
I'm rarely near a computer at the moment due to me dropping my laptop in the sheep-dip. Of all the luck. I'm now typing this on a blueberry-bluetooth-cellphone-thingamyjig that Dave duck has let me borrow. I might actually nick it as he does owe me 50p, so this should even things up a bit.

I'M IN THE BEANO!!! AGAIN!!!! Yeah I know I was in there a couple of weeks ago and I completely forgot to mention it on here. But what it was right, is that I'd actually dreamt that I'd put it on my blog, woke up thinking that I'd really put it on here and then it wasn't until Bert Worm asked when I was going to be in the Beano again, or had they finally got rid of me cos the artwork's so rubbish, that I realised it had all been a dream! Hahaha! Isn't that funny? I think even the conversation with Bert Worm was a dream too, not a particularly good one though; I had one once where I was a spaceman who conquered Mars and all us sheep went to live there and we had a big war with the Cows from Jupiter. Now THAT was a classic. Talking to a worm just does not compare.

Anyways...The Beano and Me! Back together again! look - here's an exciting picture..

Hahaha! Brilliant! It's a great story actually, so run out and buy it!!!




Fat Tony said...

Are the cows from Jupiter like the skymoos from the Clangers?

Paws said...

You know when you're addicted to your blog when you start dreaming of posting on it. Have you seen a doctor?

"No, just me posting on my blog."

A ha ha ha ha ha.

Paws said...

Hello? Anyone? Have I scared everyone off again?

(cue tumbleweed)