Monday, October 16, 2006

Aliens - Are they out there?

Aliens. Do they exist? I've often pondered this age old question. Are there beings on other worlds? I asked Lenny today as he pretends to know everything. But he thought I said Alans.
"Alans? Do Alans exist?" He replied, "I know at least two Alans, so yes, they do exist. Alan Horse and Alan Chicken, you know, the one with the wonky legs".

I got very mad with Lenny. I'm sure he's going deaf! So I pushed him into a cowpat 'cos he annoyed me so much.

Bert worm weren't much help neither. He says he knows at least three aliens and I said "No! Not ALANS; ALIENS!!!". Bert reckons he knew what I said and he knew about three real aliens, but seeing as I was shouting at him, he weren't going to tell me about 'em. Yeah, whatever. Stupid worm. How do worms know any aliens?! They live in the dirt! I was only asking him a phisolophical question. I weren't expecting to actually meet any!! Maybe I'll spy on him and see if he's lying or not.

Maybe I'll ask Cecil. HE knows everything that need to be known.
Maybe he knows about Bert's alien friends.
To be honest, I wish I'd never asked. Never ask worms important questions, that's my advice to you my friends.


Fat Tony said...

I found a huge giant woodlouse thingy trying to climb up my tree. Did you reckon that could be an alien?

mooneyman said...

i one found a hole in my garden with scorched grass and broken tree branches!

mooneyman said...

i wonder...

Derek said...

Keep wondering Mooney-boy!