Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bernard gets the boot

Well, we all said it wouldn't last. No one likes smelly goats and the last thing you want is one serving you chips in a chip shop. Goats eat old underpants and that's all they're good for.
He finally got the boot from his chip shop job: his beard got caught in the till apparently. He was stuck there for two hours, Dave goose says, and they had to shave it off too! Bernard's gone into hiding and says he won't come out until his beard's grown back.
Let's hope it takes forever! Or it grows upside down or something.

You know, that Dave goose seems to knows everything. It was Dave who knew about Dennis the cow getting in trouble for watching Farmer Jack's TV while he was out. Watching Crufts apparently. Dennis was always a bit soft.

For some reason though, Dave don't like me. I don't know why, I always say hello; "Morning Dave!" I say politely; then he always kicks me up the bum.
Lenny reckons it's because his name's not Dave and that his name is really Ernie.
I'm sure it was Lenny who told me his name was Dave, but he denies all knowledge.

Well, to me he's Dave Goose and I ain't changing it for no one!

Ya hear me? No one!!



Anonymous said...

Smart Alec Dave. Hope he gets a Kicking.

Derek said...

That's a bit harsh. I might push him into a cowpat though.

Menaceman said...

"Chip shop job" What a tongue twister.

Fat Tony said...

Does that mean there's a job going at this chippy?

Derek said...

There is, but you've got to be able to see over the counter. That rules you out fatty.

Menaceman said...

I dunno about that. I've got a pigeon running a coffee shop in the Stuville town museum. He asked me the other day if I wanted pigeon milk with my coffee.

Gertie said...

Well I can float...but the idea of serving my fried and battered cousins with chips or mushy peas kind of makes me want to be violently ill.

PenguinGuy said...

I'm well bigger than Tony, can I get the job?

Mmm...all that loverly fish!!!

Fat Tony said...

Bigger than me? Has living in the Antartic addled your noddle? Just try and get inbetween me and a bag of chips and mushy peas, chili wili.

PenguinGuy said...

Okay, I know. I'm not as big as you...around the waist...!