Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Cor I've got myself a right big zit on the end of my nose! Lenny reckons I look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer all over again.
It must be all those chips I've been eating recently. A great new chip shop opened up next door to the farm and we've all been tucking in at lunchtime.
The bloke who runs it is Greek and his name is Alfred. Is Alfred a Greek name? Don't sound like it to me. Although, there was an Alfred the Great once, and an Alexander the Great, and he was Greek, so maybe they were related or something. Maybe they lived in Great Yarmouth too, that would make sense.
Bernard the goat has got himself a part time job in the chip shop "peeling chips" he says. That must be a bit fiddly, even for a goat. Next week Alfred's going to let him fry the chips, so that should be a thrill.

In other news, Bert Worm is through to the finals of "Worm Idol"! We're all very pleased for him and will be watching him sing next Saturday on ITV Worm (cable T.V. only). He's singing "I'm going Underground" by the Jam.
Never heard of 'em. Give me the Hectic Monkies anytime.

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Fat Tony said...

A new chippy!I'm coming over RIGHT NOW. There's a chip barm with my name on it!