Sunday, December 26, 2004

Music to my ears.

Well we had a great Christmas here on the farm and of course the in-present this year was the P-Pod. You stick a couple of pea pods in your ears and apparently you can hear all the music ever invented. Well that's what Lenny told me. I think mine might be duds, as I can't hear a thing. I told Lenny to give me the receipt so I can take them back to Dixons or wherever, but he reckons he lost it.
So at the moment I'm just going around with the pea pods in my ears and pretending I'm listening to all the latest grooves, and I'm fairly certain no-one suspects a thing and they all think I look cool.

Me trying to hear the music on my "P-Pod".

Thursday, December 23, 2004

It's Christmas!!! rush out and buy the Christmas Beano! And is it me, or is Dennis the Menace giving me a cuddle right at the bottom of my story while we're all singing carols? Either he's turned softy cuddling sheep etc. or he's trying to be my mate seeing as I beat him in the National Comic Awards back in the summer.

Anyways, have a great Christmas everyone and I hope Santa brings you everything you wanted!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Daniel Beddingfield

A copy of Smash Hits blew into our field this morning, and while we were looking through it, I have to say I was very shocked to see how strange Daniel Beddingfield is looking these days. He ain't the sharp handsome young man I remember from a couple of years ago singing his top pop tunes. Nowadays he looks like a right slob! What's he done with his hair?! He looks well stupid.
Unfortunately, Bernard the goat came over to see what all the fuss was about, and he completely ate the whole magazine. So here's a picture I drew of Daniel from memory, just to give you an idea of what I'm on about.

Sort it out Daniel!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

I'm the best!

A few of us were a bit bored today, so we had a "who can jump the highest" competition.
I definitely won by jumping 10.5cm. The closest was Ernie from the next field, who jumped 10.3cm, which isn't bad, considering he's 73 years old. Some of the gang weren't very happy though, as we didn't actually have a ruler to accurately measure the jumps. But I was definitely the winner; why would I lie about it? I've always been brilliant at jumping, everyone knows that.

Snot bags

Cor, what a horrible snotty cold I've had all week. Being in a barn with 30 other sheep ain't so hot neither; when one snotbag starts sneezing, then we ALL start sneezing. It's been a brass band of nostril trumpets all week and it's driven me barmy.
I've never heard so many sheep whingeing either! You'd think they'd caught the pox and all their legs were going to fall off, listening to the way that lot carry on. Just have your cold and shut yer moaning, that's what I say.
Sheep get right on my nerves sometimes.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Lenny is stupid

He's so stupid, that Lenny. Today he ate a worm. There he was chomping on his grass, when suddenly he got a big mouthful of the wriggly thing. We all had a good laugh at the idiot. Fancy doing something so stupid ! We really took the mickey out of him for being such a fool, and to be honest, he got a bit fed up with us by the end of the afternoon.
As far as I was concerned though, it made up for all that mickey-taking he gave me when I ate a worm last week.

New story hits the shops!

Me and the gang put in an appearance in this week's Beano, and boy what a cracker of a story it is. We had such a laugh playing in all that snow, what with all that sledging and snowball fights, cor my sides were aching with laughter for hours when we finished.
Poor Lenny though, he had such a terrible cold afterwards! Cor he was in a right state, bogies and tissues everywhere. I reckon it might have something to do with a big snowball I rubbed in his face when he wasn't looking, but I'm not sure. He weren't too happy about it though, I can tell you.