Saturday, December 18, 2004

I'm the best!

A few of us were a bit bored today, so we had a "who can jump the highest" competition.
I definitely won by jumping 10.5cm. The closest was Ernie from the next field, who jumped 10.3cm, which isn't bad, considering he's 73 years old. Some of the gang weren't very happy though, as we didn't actually have a ruler to accurately measure the jumps. But I was definitely the winner; why would I lie about it? I've always been brilliant at jumping, everyone knows that.


Emz said...

Hello Derek! I think that you cheated!!!! You took the victory away from a 73 year old, that's just mean!!!!

Derek said...

It's not mean, it's just life. There's those who win, and them that lose. Ernie's a rubbish jumper, that's all I can say. I'm the champ!!

Dougal and i now have perrrrrrrrrrrfect teath said...

Derek you are such a naughty boy. Cheating like that. Poor Ernie thats all i can say.