Thursday, January 14, 2010

Derek 'n' Vern!

Yeah, yeah. This blog has died. I know, I know. So to liven things up, there'll be a daily comic starring me and another famous cartoon sheep, Vern, from the upcoming Vern and Lettuce book from the DFC Library, written and drawn by Sarah McIntyre Called Sheep Swap, I'll be living in Vern's flat, whilst Vern will live in my field. Hopefully all manner of hilarity will ensue!

Here's the front cover!

(Click pic to see bigger version!)

Be sure to pop by tomorrow to see what nonsense happens!!!


Vern xx said...

Will you please be careful not to track mud on my carpet, Derek? I've left some cookies for you in the fridge if you want them.

Derek the Sheep said...

Whatever. Don't eat all my turnips, or read my comics. Or listen to my CDs. Or look at my friends.