Thursday, January 14, 2010


Happy New Year sheep fans!

Brilliant news!!! I'm in the Beanomax EVERY. FLIPPIN'. MONTH. (Apart from March that is)!!!! Hooray!!!!

Yep, you read it correctly; I've come out of semi-retirement, put away my sun cream and lawn mower and have embarked on a plethora of mad adventures, which start THIS MONTH!!!111!!eleventyfour!38!!!wot?!!!?

Here's an exciting moment from this month's snowy issue...

HAHAHAAAR!!! Amazing. Nothing but topical, me. Did you enjoy the snow? I did. In fact I love snow and tend to hate all those who moan about it. Get with the program grandads; SNOW IS BRILLIANT. FACT.

Well anyway, I'm off to the shops to buy Fizzy Turnips, my favourite sweets.


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